(4 weeks to 16 months)

Welcome to our Infant Program! We are honored that you have trusted us with your most prized possession. In our infant classroom, it is our highest priority to meet your child’s basic needs in a nurturing and loving environment. Your infant will receive personal, individualized attention and care. Our classroom environment helps form a foundation for later learning by offering areas focused in movement, balance, coordination and gross motor skills. We provide manipulative objects and interactive materials to engage your child from birth to 16 months.

Our infant room is a shoe-free environment built for your little explorers to roam freely. As soon as your infant is ready to start crawling and scooting around, it is our priority to make sure that the environment keeps their hands and mouth safe from germs and dirt.

Cribs are provided for each child under 12 months and once your infant turns 1 year old, we transition them to a cot. We provide each child with a tight fitting sheet and blanket. Cribs and cots are personalized with your infant’s name. In addition cribs are see-through so we can keep an eye on your little one while they sleep.

Food and Supplies

Feeding schedule for your infant is every 3 hours while bottle fed. We have policies in place to carefully label and separate breast milk and formula. As your infant grows and develops we will partner with you to transition to baby food, solid foods, along with the use of utensils and sippy cups.

We do ask for you to provide diapers, wipes, diaper cream, bibs and a change of clothes to be kept in the classroom. Their items will be kept in a personalized bin and you will be notified when supplies run low. Diapers will be changed every hour they are awake.

As a parent you will be given access to our Brightwheel app that allows us to quickly and effectively communicate with you. All feedings, diaper changes and naps will be entered into the app as they are happening. This app will also be used to notify you of any needed supplies and ask any questions that may come up throughout the day.