(16months – 2 years)

We are excited for your child to join our Pre-Toddler program!

It is our priority to ensure all children are best prepared to enter into the toddler classroom. The classroom environment has been especially designed to promote learning as well as achieving the age appropriate milestones that will prepare them for the next stages in their education. We understand that each child is unique and during this phase are growing into their own personality, therefore we have a stimulating room layout, consistent routines, and are placing a focus on classroom habits and behaviors. Overall your child’s behavior must be conducive to maintain a learning environment.

What To Expect

During the day we follow a classroom schedule with age appropriate learning times, outside free play, meal times, nap time and music with movement. During your child’s time with us we will perform ongoing assessments to observe the growth and development of your child.

As a parent you will also be given access to our Brightwheel app to keep you up to date with pictures of our daily activities, items needed and messages from their teacher.