(2 years)

Welcome to our Toddler Program. We are excited for your child to join us!

Our Toddler Program has been designed specifically to promote learning and independence through play. The Curriculum is a thematic approach and is presented in short intervals on the carpet and at tables to keep children moving and engaged in learning. It is our overall goal to help each child reach their age appropriate milestones that will prepare them for their next stage in education as well as the world around them.

What To Expect

During the day we follow a classroom schedule with developmentally appropriate learning times. Circle time with stories and songs, to promote verbal skills and language. Math and science are part of our weekly routines, along with specials in art, music and movement. Another focus is modeling respect, kindness and sharing. Teachers lead and guide children in free play and games to help develop gross motor skills.

As each child enters this classroom we assess their readiness to begin potty training. Teachers help with potty training by offering positive reinforcement and plenty of encouragement as we maintain a consistent routine in helping them be successful.

During your child’s time with us we will perform ongoing assessments to observe the growth and development of your child. As a parent you will also be given access to our Brightwheel app to keep you up to date with pictures of our daily activities, items needed and messages from their teachers.