(3 and 4 years)

Welcome to our Preschool Program! We are excited that your child has or may be joining us! In our program, it is our priority to ensure all children are best prepared to enter in to the school system. Our classroom environment is especially designed to promote education. We have a stimulating room layout, consistent routines, and we place a lot of focus on the children’s responsibilities as students.

We purposely developed our program and curriculum to best help each child reach their social and emotional developmental milestones. We also ensured our program and curriculum will best prepare each child academically by giving endless learning opportunities to. In order to maintain a successful learning environment, every child’s behavior must be conducive to learning.

We use a 2-week trial period to best determine if our program is the right fit! We have periodic parent/teacher conferences to stay in communication about your child’s development and we us the Brightwheel app for the daily activities, items needed and behavioral check-ins!